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Model United Nations

Gain new perspectives,
tackle pressing challenges,
improve your analytical skills &
convince others.

Model United Nations
in detail

Model United Nations (MUN) is a debate format which simulates sessions of the various bodies and commities of the United Nations, and other international organizations.

MUN enables participants to dive deep into the relevant and complex topics that the UN deals with, debating them as representatives to a UN member state.


Since MUN procedure is modelled after the procedure followed by the actual UN, and it also enables participants to get to know the world of the UN, international negotiations and debates.

How does MUN work?

Delegations consisting of students tackle diplomatic challenges. Each delegation is assigned a country whose interests are to be represented in the best possible way.


During the preparation phase, the stance of the country to be represented towards a particular issue is understood. Then, during the debate, realistic approaches are worked out and defended in free speech. At the end of the negotiations, the goal of the committees is to pass a meaningful and cohesive resolution - in accordance with the interests of the countries represented by the delegates.

What we do at MUNTUM

At MUNTUM, we select topics that represent the diversity of our members. For example, recent sessions dealt with Technology in Healthcare, Climate Change, World Trade and Terrorism.


We spend most of our weekly sessions on MUN. Usually, we deal with a new topic for about 3-4 weekly sessions, keeping preparation time on a moderate level. 

During other sessions, we conduct workshops or engage in fun debates for a change.


Once a week, we meet at the main campus of the Technical University of Munich.

On top of that, we visit MUN conferences together. In the last thirteen years, we have visited conferences all around the world: Puebla (Mexico), Rome, London, Oxford, Maastricht, Hamburg, Beijing, Taipei, Istanbul, Athens, Budapest, Amsterdam, Singapore and more!

We support our members financially to cover travel costs.

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