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Where are past members of MUNTUM now and how did MUNTUM help them get there? Find out about their stories below. 

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Miles Judd

During his BSc in Mechanical Engineering at TUM, Miles actively participated in MUNTUM from 2018 to 2021, progressing from delegate to faculty advisor and head of finance. His

conference journeys took him to Oxford, an experience he cherished so much that he is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering Science there. In Oxford, Miles continued his keen interest in diplomacy and international politics, organizing speaker events with notable figures like Markus Söder, Volker Kauder, and the German Ambassador to Ukraine. He credits MUNTUM for honing his political understanding and public speaking skills, which have proven invaluable in his endeavors. Interestingly, Miles is also an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, indulging in activities such as surfing and even conquering the Eisbachwelle!

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Jules Bertemes

Jules joined MUNTUM in 2018 and shaped the society as faculty advisor, chair and writing study guides. The latter two, according to him, have helped him in developing his research

and writing skills. He now applies those at a consulting firm in Brussels on sustainability and datacenters.

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Alexander Feil

Alex joined MUNTUM in 2020 and took the roles of chair and vice president. He was mainly involved with rebuilding MUNTUM after covid and initiated the Munich Diplomacy Summit in 2023.

With MUNTUM, Alex has been to as MaMUN, OxIMUN, LIMUN and FreiMUN as delegate and chair. Besides MUNTUM, Alex studied Mathematics at the TUM and spent his remaining free time on songwriting (Alexander Feil on Spotify & Apple Music ;) ). After completing his bachelor in 2023, he went on to complete an internship with the UN's International Maritime Organisation (IMO), to which he got the link through a speaker at LIMUN, who was to become his supervisor at the IMO.

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Fabian Schröder

Fabian's journey with us commenced in 2020, when he decided to join our initiative and engage with the marketing department, whilst studying Management & Technology at the

TUM. He has always been an ardent admirer of our discussions, a passion that saw him travel as part of our delegations to Mannheim in 2022 and to the bustling city of London in 2023. After an enriching exchange semester in Taiwan, Fabian took his penchant for global experiences a step further. He embarked on a two-year double degree journey, delving deep into International Management & Finance in the picturesque cities of Barcelona, Spain, and Milan, Italy. Outside the realms of academic and professional pursuits, Fabian has another passion that defines him – sports. He is not just any sportsperson but one with a particular fondness for the rugged terrains of mountains. Rock-climbing, in particular, resonates deeply with him.

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Sören Wehrheim

Having participated in almost 100 MUN conferences, Sören is a true MUN heavyweight. He has been to conferences from Pakistan to the US and participated in his first IsarMUN in

2017. His path to politics started with a bachelor in computer science. Participating in MUNs got him fascinated with international issues that he chose to study politics & technology at the TUM and LMU for his masters. He joined MUNTUM in 2020 and enriched the society with his experience & workshops. In 2022, he moved on to complete a master in international relations at the LSE and started a Traineeship with the European Commission in 2023.

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