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Our Activities.

Engage in cool initiatives right at the intersection of international politics and your background. 

Our 4 focus areas


Weekly MUN Sessions


International Conferences


Events & Trainings


A place to grow

Weekly MUN Sessions

At MUNTUM we provide students with a platform to discuss international challenges and recent developments in technology and society not only in Munich but Worldwide. In weekly sessions, we hone our debating and analytical skills, prepare for conferences and contemplate current world issues.

Events & Trainings

We regularly host events at the intersection of international politics, technology and economics. Our event series Gaining Insights aims at providing insights on issues coining society and industry. Additionally, we offer professional coaching for further soft skill improvement.

A place to grow

Together, we are working on a variety of different projects constantly looking for new ways to engage with current challenges and international politics. Thus, MUNTUM is an excellent place for dedicated and curious students that are eager to take responsibility, develop further and enrich Munich’s student life.

Weekly Session

And here's what we've been up to:

Upcoming events

  • WHO Sessions
    03. Mai, 19:00 – 31. Mai, 20:30
    München, Arcisstraße 19, 80333 München, Germany
    - Only for MUNTUM members - This semesters weekly sessions start off with a 5-week simulation of the WHO. Get ready for some exciting debate, and of course the social following each session!
  • Afghanistan Sessions
    07. Juni, 19:00 – 28. Juni, 20:30
    München, Arcisstraße 19, 80333 München, Germany
    - Only for MUNTUM members - Our second topic this semester is the Taliban in Afghanistan. Don't forget, that each sessions is followed by a social!

There will be more soon.

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