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Conferences. Engage in international exchange

Throughout the year, MUNTUM members participate in conferences all around the globe! Our society encourages and supports its members who take part in MUNs regardless of their locations.


While the MUNs visited by the members may differ, there are particular conferences that our society always takes part in and even offers financial support to its delegation to enable them to join.

Learn more about the conferences we attend most frequently


Oxford, United Kingdom

OxiMUN takes place at the renowned University of Oxford every year typically on the last weekend in October. It is generally considered to be amongst the most competitive conferences in Europe and the United Kingdom, serving an extremely high standard of debate with chairs and venues. Also, the socials are always a raging success.


OxIMUN never fails to prove to be an excellent conference for all level of MUNers to enjoy. Serving up committees ranging from OPEC and African Union to old favorites like DISEC and Security Council, OxIMUN always brings delegates together.


In particular, OxIMUN is noted for the extremely high quality of chairing. The chairs at OxIMUN provide a thorough understanding of not only their topics but also the rules of procedure.


Maastricht, Netherlands

EuroMUN takes place in the MECC conference center in Maastricht annually around mid-May.


It is EuroMUN is the largest and most prestigious MUN conference in Continental Europe. What makes EuroMUN unique is its high-quality debates, 13+ exciting simulated committees and an unforgettable cultural and social experience. 


Also, the conference offers great social packages for the delegates to get together and get to know each other.



Munich, Germany

IsarMUN takes place at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universtität in Munich and is co-organized by us, generally during the last weekend of November. It is an exciting annual conference, bringing together highly qualified and politically interested students from universities around the world.


IsarMUN offers a wide range of committees for beginners as well as intermediate delegates. It combines both a high-quality debate with significantly smaller committees than in OxiMUN or EuroMUN, which is the perfect opportunity for our new delegates to put into practice what they have learned during the weekly sessions.  


Furthermore, IsarMUN is always very well organized, whether it is in regards to the socials or the committees.



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