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Conferences. Engage in international exchange

Throughout the year, MUNTUM members participate in MUN conferences all around the globe! To enable this, our conference team offers support with planing and financing the trips, so no there are no limits to where you could go.

While the MUNs our delegates visit differ every year, there are particular conferences that our society regularly takes part in, and which are usually attended by particularly large MUNTUM delegations.

Learn more about the conferences we attend most frequently


Munich, Germany

IsarMUN takes place every year in Munich and is co-organized by us and MUNAM e.V. It is an exciting annual conference, bringing together highly qualified and politically interested students from universities around the world.


IsarMUN offers a wide range of committees for beginners as well as intermediate delegates. It combines both a high-quality debate with significantly smaller committees than in OxiMUN or EuroMUN, which is the perfect opportunity for our new delegates to put into practice what they have learned during the weekly sessions.  


Furthermore, IsarMUN always offers great socials and its convenient location in Munich always makes it a highlight for MUNTUM members!


Maastricht, Netherlands

EuroMUN takes place in the MECC conference center in Maastricht annually around mid-May.


It is the largest and most prestigious MUN conference in Continental Europe. What makes EuroMUN unique is its high-quality debates, 13+ exciting simulated committees and an unforgettable cultural and social experience. 


Also, the conference offers great social packages for the delegates to get together and get to know each other.



Mannheim, Germany

MaMUN takes place in April. The sessions are held in the beautiful baroque castle, where the lucky university students of philosophy have their lectures. 

MUNTUM has sent successful delegations there since 2022, with delegates winning awards and chairs inspiring new generations of MUNers. 

MaMUN is known for its fantastic socials package, where you get two nights of close-to open bar parties where you can get to know your interesting co-delegates from across Germany and beyond. 



Göttingen, Germany

Near the beginning of the summer semester, MUNTUM members enjoy the tradition of heading to Göttingen, for many of our members favourite MUN conference. 

While the conference is rather small, the who-is-who of Germany's MUN scene is usually present, and the conference offers a great environment to experience Göttingen and its students. 

Great academics and an ever innovative and fun socials roster invite the participants to an extended weekend of MUN and socialising "im kleinen Kreis".



Oxford, United Kingdom

The Oxford MUN conference is one of the oldest of its kind - in fact older than the UN itself. Already at times of the League of Nations students at this famous university would gather to debate topics shaping the world.


Nowadays, the conference guarantees an insight into the student life in Oxford, with past socials including a formal dinner and the sessions taking place in the examination schools. MUNTUM delegates have been participating here since 2022 and in 2023 we are sending a delegation of 8 members, including two chairs

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