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Join us. International politics is affecting your domain.

We are open to students from all Munich universities!

Applications reopen Oktober 2024

Click here to be reminded when they reopen fall!


International politics is everybody's business...

...and highly relevant for every industry and field of study

USA and China trade war economy conflict

...its intersections with other disciplines make it exciting...

Here's how you can join us



Meet us

There will be several chances to meet us and learn more about us during the recruiting window.




We ask you for a statement about a pressing issue, your motivation to join and your CV.

Application Window:

18th - 28th April




It's time to get to know each other personally. Don't be nervous. We ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

Interview Dates:

22nd April - 3rd May

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Meet your buddy and the other members. Start  your journey with us and visit our onboarding events.

Applicaton Reminder

Applications open at the beginning of each semester. Sign up here to get reminded when they do!

By filling out this form, you sign up to our recruiting newsletter and consent to receiving emails, including invitations to open-sessions and application reminders, until the next recruiting period has elapsed.

Thank you! We'll get in touch with you as soon as our next application period starts.

Gemeinsam an der Spitze

Nice to know

We offer Project Studies to our members from the TUM School of Management (12 ECTS).

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