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Model United Nations TU Munich e.V. is Munich's oldest Model United Nations society.
Welcome to MUNTUM

MUNTUM e.V. is a Model UN society, accredited at the TUM and the LMU

We still welcome students from other Munich universities to join us!

What do we do?

We enable our members to foster an international perspective on current events and the important global questions of our time, through debates, workshops and events with experts. Find out more about MUN and what we do

Since 2007, we have been unified by our passion for debate, international politics and desire to make an impactful change in the world. 

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What we do
MUNTUM at a glance:

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulated debate of United Nations bodies and committees. Participants are assigned countries and adopt positions on issues, engaging in realistic and defended free speech during debates. The aim is to collaboratively craft a meaningful resolution aligned with represented countries' interests. MUN offers a deep dive into complex UN topics, providing participants with insights into international negotiations and debates, mirroring the real UN procedure.

What we do at MUNTUM

MUNTUM debates diverse and relevant topics such as Technology in Healthcare, Climate Change, World Trade, and Terrorism. Additionally, workshops and enjoyable debates are incorporated, complemented by social activities like weekly dinners and various events, emphasizing both academic and social aspects within the MUN community.


Once a week, we meet at the main campus of the Technical University of Munich.

Additionally, we collectively attend MUN conferences globally, having visited cities like Oxford, Maastricht, Taipei, and more over the past sixteen years. Financial support is provided to assist members with travel expenses.


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