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Munich Diplomacy Summit

The Munich Diplomacy Summit should give a platform for all those Munich based students with excellent diplomatic & public speaking skills and great interest in international politics. In 5 sessions à 3 hours between May and June 2023, 15 delegates from MUNTUM, MUNAM, the Max Weber Program, the Studienstiftung and Debattierclub will model a United Nations Security Council debate on the civil war in Yemen. The goal is for this to become a project that repeats every year, so that the links between the societies will come stronger and students will be motivated to work on their strengths and gain their place in this MDS. 

Below, you can file submit your application for the first edition of the MDS. The sessions will take place every other Tuesday from 17:00 until 20:00 starting on the 2nd of May, i.e. the 02.05.2023 // 16.05.2023 // 30.05.2023 // 13.06.2023 // 27.06.2023. 

We will organise a MUN workshop for all accepted candidates to ​introduce them to the Rules of Procedure of this conference. This will be especially designed for those with no MUN experience but participation is also advised for all others. 

We look forward to your application and hopefully meeting you in April / May :)

Applications are closed (only visible on laptop)

Please list your experience with debating in bullet points
eg: • 2018-2020: Debating Club in High School 
      • 2021: Participation in 3 MUNs (IsarMUN, MaMUN, EuroMUN)

Are you available for all the sessions?
One Page CV

that worked - many thanks for applying!

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