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Model United Nations TU Munich e.V. is Munich's oldest Model United Nations society.
Welcome to MUNTUM
Vereinte Nationen


MUNTUM e.V. is an accredited student society at the TUM and the LMU, and Munich’s oldest Model United Nations society.

Nevertheless, MUNTUM is not exclusive to students from those universities



We are unified by our passion for debate, international politics and desire to make impactful change in the world. Find out more about MUN, who we are and what we do


How can i join?

We are Munich's oldest MUN society. At Model United Nations TU Munich, we enjoy enriching Model United Nations with our technology background. By leveraging the interdisciplinary power of the environment at the Technical University of Munich, we aim at finding innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. We understand Model United Nations in Munich as a powerful tool to tackle the intersection of international politics and technology. Living the spirit of MUN in Munich.


Join the MUNTUM delegation and enhance Model United Nations with your technology background in Munich and all around the globe.


Train your analytical, debating and negotiation skills at our weekly sessions and benefit from professional coaching.


Get in touch with those who shape society and industry, gain exciting insights and build your network.


Improve your leadership skills by taking over responsibility at one of our committees and drive MUNTUM's development.


Become an active member of society and enrich Munich's student life with us and foster international understanding and tolerance.

Gemeinsam an der Spitze

Muntum in Detail



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Model United Nations

Why join?

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